AI Technologies

AI has shown a new aspect of technology to the world. Robotics has been
evolved to the next level due to artificial intelligence. NPK is shifting towards
artificial intelligence and trying to make the best use of it to develop,
manufacture and provide amazing products and services to customers.
• AI Services
• Machine Learning
• Data Science
• Deep Learning
• Chatbot Apps
• AR Apps
• AI Pose Estimation
• Sentiment Analysis

Our AI Technology Services 

                      We are a team of qualified and experienced AI consultants, designers and AI application developers. We design, implement and integrate                                                                                 artificial intelligence solutions into the customer’s business environment. 

Our AI Capabilities

Machine Learning Development Company
We develop AI applications that help you predict customer behavior and outcomes and grow your business in the right direction.

Machine Learning Development Company
With our Machine Learning services, we create self-learning algorithms that maximize accuracy and reduce errors by learning new things from collected data.

Computer Vision Development Company
We use Natural Language Processing to develop custom AI applications that can extract meaning from natural text data and perform customer-centric initiatives.

Computer Vision Development Company
We help organizations enhance the efficiency of their business operations by extracting actionable insights and data from live and offline video frames and images with computer vision development services.

Process Automation
Our Data Scientists and AI Engineers develop automated solutions that increase productivity, revolutionize business processes and reduce human labor.

Voice Enable Technology
We develop voice assistants with voice recognition and NLP that allow users to interact with business services and products via voice.

Our approach to AI Technology 

Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the Data and Discovery

We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to deploy AI systems and workflows. We discover the right AI technology and tools for bringing improvement.

Mobile Apps

Quick Development - Pilot

We experiment with a small-scale system/MVP to demonstrate the capability of AI technology for your business and analyze the possible improvement to the AI system. 

AI Consulting


Once all stakeholders see the value and approve the solution, our AI developers and designers launch a live system. We also maintain and provide support for ongoing operations and changes.

AI Consulting


Our AI consulting team reviews the existing workflow, processes and operations to determine if an AI solution can bring efficiency.


HYDERABAD: 501,5th floor,
Manjeera trinity corporate,e seva line
K P H Bphase 3,Kukatpally,
Land line:-040-42020031.

Where to Reach Us

Dublin, OH 43016,USA
Founder & CEO
Mr.Adi Kumabagiri

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